About GreenCa

"Our clients see us as part of their extended team"

Stong Managment

 Our company GreenCa Ltd


GreenCa is a professional Cleaning business who pride themselves on providing high quality standards and a reliable cleaning provision in the most environmentally friendly way possible.  We understand that every customer is unique and therefore deserves a site specific service package to suit their individual requirements. With GreenCa supplying your daily facilities cleaning and warehouse cleaning needs, it allows our customers to focus on their core business.


Strong Managment


We personally manage our contracts by dedicating a Contracts Manager to deliver on what we promise, our management structure is streamlined with a hands on approach to all the business. This allows us to deliver a cost efficient service at a competitive price whilst maintaining the highest standards. 

Specialised Workforce


Recognising the unique nature of every building, GreenCa will aim to create a specialized workforce for every contract ensuring that each team member contains the perfect blend of skills and expertise to provide the perfect cleaning service every step of the way.  At GreenCa our cleaning operatives, supervisors and management are very important to our business success.



 Exhibit at ECO 2015


"Highlighting how embracing innovation in technology and low carbon solutions can save money and deliver genuine benefits to businesses, cities and communities on-going"...




Reasons to choose us ...



Our cleaning supplyer for materials, PPE and eco chemicals. We strongly reccomend them in partnership.

David Cameron


David Cameron recently expressed his desire to “make Britain a global showcase for green innovation and energy efficiency” and “one of the best places for green energy, green investment, and crucially for green jobs anywhere in the world.”

Our Eco Friendly Promise


We are proud to fly the Green flag as the environment is very important to us as a business. By using natural materials and environmentally friendly products such as the Greenline range of products we can take pride in saving our environment whilst cleaning our customer’s premises.

In today’s busy work environment we appreciate that customers require the perfect service provider to ensure that tasks like cleaning, recycling and site hygiene are completed without the need of getting directly involved on a daily basis. Our team understands the importance of delivering a professional service to all our customers and we believe that the highest standards are essential at all times. Our company policy is to provide our customers with an outstanding service that is economically cost effective and well managed with attention to the smallest details......



Our fantastic client for over 3 years.



We take our inspiration from all eco shows.