Go Green with GrreenCa - for our future

At GreenCa we have an opportunity as a business to make this world a better & more eco friendly planet by changing the way we clean.

We are confident in our product and are positive that our service is proven to work effectively, economically and environmentally. 


We are also able to improve everyones health and well-being by providing eco safe and effective cleaning solutions. GreenCa use the highest quality greenline cleaning products and are always looking at new-tech eco machinery to improve productivity.

Company footprint reduction

How GreenCa reduce the corporate footprint:

  • Driving better (Driving the speed limit,  accelerating slowly and smoothly,  maintaining a steady speed, anticipating your stops and starts).

  • Maintenance (we ensure that all our vehicles are serviced and running efficiently as possible).

  • Service (replace oil and fuel filters according to schedule).

  • Tyres - (we ensure our tyres are safe).

  • Site Visists - (Combine our trips with other visits).


We can save on a ton of CO2 emissions each year by just driving our vehicles properly.


 chemical reduction

GreenCa use only the highest quality green cleaning products and approved chemicals.


  • Chemicals are Eco friendly

  • Microfiber cloths and microfiber mops to minimise chemical usage

  • Using latest Foam & steam technology

  • Effective, safe and easy to use

  • Latest technology - "diamond pads" for ride on machines

  • We promote green purchasing activities

office footprint        reduction

How GreenCa reduce the office footprint:


  • Do you need to print? - we do our best to reduce use of paper,

  • E-Invoicing - we raise electronic versions of invoices,

  • Paper saving - double-side print if required,

  • Recycling bins - we using "centralised" recycle bins,

  • Green energy - we use IT equipment signed with "GE" saving,

  • Turn off - unused office equipment, including laptops and photocopiers at source,

  • Switch off all lights and appliances when not required,

  • Maintain our office equipment properly,

  • We use recycled paper,



Our aim is to promote, use recycled and recyclable products when possible. Recycling is one of the easiest ways for all of us to help the environment and it helps us to convert our old products into new useful products once again.


We recycle glass, plastic, metal cans, white paper and mixed paper.

Recycling Purchasing Considerations - We buy only what we need and consider the environment at all times.