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GreenCa Competitive Pricing  ? 
What and How we can do for you to provide tailered and Best Value service
Competitive rates

Competitive rates

Biding & proposal process

Bid Team - we involve Business Developer Manager and Operational Team to provide competitive prices and tailored service.


We do not employ professional Salesman is not necessary, Our experienced Operation Managment are involve to the whole tender / proposal process.


1st step is visit and assesment premise by Op's with BDM assistance

2nd step is plann bidding strategy focuss on clients needs and best value

3rd stem review assesment  to find more cost effective solutions

4th stem propose  bid to ensure strong competetive input

Cleaning Machinery Specialist advice


Our professional machinery supplyer is always  fully involved in the tender process attending to the meetings and advice with providing whole range of machinery.

from Ride on machinery to specialised vacums, battery operated H&S docummentation. 




Correct tools and cleaning materials


We are using only best and cost effective high quality accredited tolls and ecological chemicals from few top UK suppliers.  




What next ?

 If you’d like more information about our services, please contact us today and speak to one

of our specialists.

Please call on 07714 247175 to find how we can

save  money and pass benefits to you


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