Discover an excellent green cleaning services with GreenCa

Why GreenCa?

GreenCa Cleaning is a dynamic company which offers a full range of specialised cleaning and facilities management services to a wide range of businesses.

In today’s busy work environment we appreciate that customers require the perfect service provider to ensure that tasks like cleaning, recycling and site hygiene are completed without the need of getting directly involved on a daily basis. Our team understands the importance of delivering a professional service to all our customers and we believe that the highest standards are essential at all times. Our company policy is to provide our customers with an outstanding service that is economically cost effective and well managed with attention to the smallest details.

For you, our clients, GreenCa will work hard to provide competitive pricing, innovative solutions, and the peace of mind that the company providing your Cleaning Services meets your expectations.

sustainability, dynamic, expertise’s


At GreenCa we are passionate about delivering an excellent sustainable service. We have both the equipment and the highly skilled personnel to provide all of our customers with a quality service that they deserve.

Recognising the unique nature of every building, GreenCa will aim to create a specialized workforce for every contract ensuring that each team member contains the perfect blend of skills and expertise to provide the perfect cleaning service every step of the way.

At GreenCa our cleaning operatives, supervisors and management are very important to our business success.


GreenCa Cleaning innovators with green influences


We love technology in all of its forms and aspects and we are very appreciative of all the creative solutions which help provide highly competitive rates for you our customers.


One of the most exciting areas of cleaning technology is how it drives sustainable development forward within our industry. Our innovative services open up new ways to protect the environment and enable us to pass on cost savings of 10 - 20% to our clients.


Quality managment


At GreenCa our cleaning operatives, supervisors and management are very important to our business success and our future.

We dedicate continuous team development programs for all our operatives to allow constant improvement and best work practices.


Our Operations Management Team is on hand to help you with all your needs and focus on deliver on our promise.

GreenCa team is committed to work hard for you and implement pro-reactive culture.



Comunication, KPI reports and audits 


We undestand that effective communication is vital for success both GreenCa and our clients. Our Managment will ensure that they communicate effectively, that everyone understands the vision and the values of the GreenCa culture. We plan regular site visits to ensure that the customer is always up to date and totally satisfied with the cleaning standard and service being provided.


By using an online auditing system this enables our Managment team to audit their allocated contracts on the their device.

After each site visit the Manager is able to sync the device sending the KPI results through to the customer and our Head Office.


H&S, Traning academy


PDP - Professional Development Plans are put in place for all our staff

with a strong background and commitment to Health & Safety and the Environment.


Effectively managing health and safety in our workplaces is good for any business - avoiding accidents and illness at work -  increaseing productivity and improveing the GreenCa reputation.



Mobilisation & implementation


  • GreenCa Project Management

  • KPIs focused on contract and service level

  • Involve the experts in the procurement process

  • Create Contract Performance Plans

  • Retraining current team to improve H&S and performance

Our contracts Mobilisation include:

  • Policies: All Policies including Health and Safety Policy

  • Risk Assessments; COSHH; and Method Statements’

  • TUPE legislation

  • Security Vetting if applicable